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Are you kidding with CPM $1?


It’s impossible to work for a CPM $1 fee. I can’t believe that there are still those who work for cheap


oh my got.:thinking:


Can the CPM be up to 1.5$ sir @nietzsche for as low as other non adsense shortener?


Hello mr yasir ,
Please specify which country and We will see about it


will the cpm back to $2 ??


Indonesia traffic sir @nietzsche. I really appreciate if it can be increase to at least $1.5.

I’ll still using wicr service even if its only $1 though. But I hope someday the RPM will be back again. thanks for replying.


hahaha, yahwes lah broew. gak usah di kerjakan lagi. Cari short yg lain aja. CPM $1, $1,5 loe mau kerjakan. amit-amit dah


Iya bro, udh dipikirin kok rencana utk pindah. Tapi karena belum ada waktu aja buat mindahin link wi.cr yg byk bgt. Masih mantau keputusan admin @nietzsche beberapa bulan kdpn ini.

Tapi kalo CPM bisa naik 1.5$ sbnrnya bisa dapat 5$/hari. Masih OK sih buat traffic Indonesia.


skarang main shortlink apa brow?