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Down cpm for all countries


Hello wicr, what happened with cpm for all countries? My statistics are down today. Please explain to me and to other user.
Thank you wicr


I hope the admin change the worldwide CPM again to 3.30, because the new cpm [2.5 $] is not fair. Please change it quickly sir @nietzsche

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What happened to the cpm that went down to 2.5?

Will they put it back as before 3.3?:pensive:

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That is fine as long as the admin could have profit and pay users on time. 2.5$ is considered high actually.


Yah, cpm down and also long payments. I have not received my payment for 3 days. I hope that the wi.cr immediately fixes as soon as possible


hello admin, my friend has a problem, the payment is complete the money in paypal has not increased. what is the solution? @nietzsche


They should tell the publisher if they decreased the CPM. Seems not fair and not transparent.


With $2.5 CPM and they dont even pay on time, it’s just makes me upset. If they decreased the CPM at least they do on time in payment.


Yeah sir i agree
Cpm drop to $2.5 worldwide is no problem , but at least pay member on time , or notice and make announcement to member why payment will be late


Of course it’s a problem, because it’s not fair for the CPM to be too down. Cpm should be returned to the original again. All to be fair


@Marbun I agree with you, I hope the admin return the original CPM ( 3.30 ) because the new CPM is not fair.


@Marbun I have the same opinion
Return the CPM as before (3.3 USD)


4 months ago when captcha applied, cpm will be $ 4 world wide. and why now drop to $ 2.5?


Yeah just WHY… They lied to us


To this day the admin still hasn’t replied to this complaint. We hope the admin can immediately fix it as soon as possible. And we users can work again more optimally


Let’s play who has the lowest CPM right now? Lol :joy:


@giar26 pantes anjir , balance ga nambah2

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