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I don't use Wicr anymore


I do not use the Wicr.me site anymore because the captcha application was not removed.it was told to settle for 2 weeks, but it didn’t.


Greetings, unfortunately all shorteners have to use captcha, as this protects the links, and bots are blocked, and people who want to enter the link in a fraudulent way, it is uncomfortable to use the captcha, but it is impossible to eliminate it.


There are currently many shortened service links without Captcha, you can refer to google.

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songokumax hello. What are the non-Captcha acronym sites? Would you write me?


You could use Dwindly.io or LinkShrink.net

I worked with both of them and they’re trusted. The CPM is not as high as wicr but it’s without captcha.


I totally agree with you. But at least you can turn this off for the users you trust. You can verify the sources and or if the users has a decent website.