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Next payments time


hello wicr users
we are very sorry to announce that the rest of our payments will be sent in 2019-08-21T22:00:00Z
please accept our apologies , as most of our dear users knows that we are very trusted shortener URL , we never miss a payment all over the last 3 years , so we just want you to make sure that all your request will be sent in 2019-08-21T22:00:00Z
thank you for trusting Wicr

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Dear wicr, please send my withdrawal. from yesterday I had made a withdrawal request after it was returned twice. I have waited 9 days for my withdrawal. I have changed my paypal account for my new withdrawal. I hope you can send my payment soon.


why you are complaining all the time @Marbun at least check your account and make new screenshot ! your payment is already sent and the status is completed


Thankyou very much sir, i have inbox you. i need your help sir, please respond my inbox.


thanh toán của tôi đã hoàn tất nhưng payoneer vẫn đang giữ tiền là sao vậy !
ID: 4558 image


Please hide the sensitive information like emails when you take screenshots


6 days ago request my payment ID 4572, now they pay 22 ??? WTF, how complicated this shortener became, a process to collect, and a damaged in every way, on my part I hope they pay, I think they are SCAM.


wicr is very legit, just read the announecement


We never scam my dear even through we have lost alot last years we never take from users . Even one day we decide to close Wicr all members will be paid . With us Never worry about your payments


then please pay my payment. ID 4617


Just read this announcement brother


Sorry wi.cr, its now august 23, 2019. But not any one have a payment, what a problem? Thank you



there is anyone got payment?


Are they scam? -----___-----


Pending payment :worried:


anyone received payment?


I have not receive, anyone else?


I have two payments pending, why are they late in paying? : c


sorry. my mistake. i can access already. but still no payment. Please help to check.


hallo!!! when the payment will be sent??