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No Report Form as stated in TOS


Why is there no Report Form as its written in the TOS? And why do i have to register on 2 Sites to write this here?

And why the fuck cant i even report a Site that uses simliar Sites like wi.cr i a Clickring to cheat revenue?
There seem to be no interest of prevening People abusing a Service.

Seems to me that the own Revenue is more important. "They cheat? let them cheat, i make Money with them anyway…)

there is a Website called Juba-Get.

This is a Website that can download Files from Filehosters like Uploaded and then they send the File to you.

This Site abuses your TOS.

When you go to their Site and paste a Uploaded.net Link, they generate various Links, similiar to your Service.

Ive entered a Uploaded link and that were several Services ( 1 with 3 different Names) that were in the Click-Ring.

1.) senseless Board Restriction
2.) senseless Board Restriction
3.) senseless Board Restriction
4.) wi.cr/dC4aJ9LCX lead to
5.) senseless Board Restriction
6.) senseless Board Restriction
7.) senseless Board Restriction
8.) healthyfytips.com/kozW lead to final Link.

One important thing: The Scripts redirect back to their Site and then to the next Website. They trick so that From-To URLs cant be traced in Database. (they are hiding the next URL with this so make it look legit, but the their own Site is with Script which redirects to he next Site and NOT the Target Link (Uploaded File Download).

And in case of

  • Shortzon
  • UrlShortx
  • IlinkShort

massive revenue Cheating.