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Wicr is Back !?


hello wicrs
please be informed when everything will get resolved our cpm will back to normal
we do our best to pay you in time and be hapyy with our services
best regards


@nietzsche We hope you ban those cheaters quickly and change the CPM to the original again.
I really appreciate your efforts sir and I hope you all the best.

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thank you @alexmero22 have you checked your payment i sent it in seconds

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@nietzsche Many thanks sir for the very fast transaction, I hope you all the best forever.

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Hola muy bueno lo que haga. Resolver esos problemas , tienen que seguir adelante y resolver esos problemas del CPM y todo lo demas


gracias por tu apoyo


What the hell is this? When all of this can be solved?


Está bien que arreglen eso pero que sea pronto porque el CPM me ha bajado de 3.20 a 2.52 y hoy que reviso me lo han bajado a 1.07 no es gracia esto, agradezco que los pagos sean puntuales pero tampoco que me bajen tanto el CPM, ya que todo mi tráfico es legal.


Stop working with WICR, it’s totally scam. They manipulated the CPM. I stop working with WICR from yesterday.


i have to stop Working for a week


It will be fixed my dear don’t worry .
Thank you for trusting us


If you think we are scammer please don’t show me your face again . There are dozens of shorteners out there . Go to them :wink:


Where does your traffic come from ?