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Wicr latest news


Dear wicr users

We have restricted the following countries from our system due to some cheating methods found earlier :


We are working to ban all those cheaters
Best regards


Just ban all the cheaters, dont blame the others in the same country who really honest. Dissapointed.


Goodbye Wicr. If it’s going to be like this forever, i think i’m not gonna work with you anymore. Thanks for all the support and all the good stuff in the past. You changed a lot.

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So the cpm will be like that? 2.5


It less than $2.5 bro, check it now :smiley:


Cpm for all countries is 2.5
Cpm for india and and Indonesia is 0.01 untill we check the cheaters
The cpm for our primiem countries you can check from here

Everything else is working great


So you mean it’s still only $ 2.50 and not back to $ 3.30?


It will back to 3.3 or more :heart:

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For the publisher from indonesia too? Who doesn’t cheat


@nietzsche when all of this can be solved sir? Bring back the $3.3 CPM to my account please!


How is CPM? why hasn’t it returned to normal cpm?


We are still working on it mr @Marbun , we are doing our best to satisfy all our users from all countries


@nietzsche I as a user believes in the wicr team Has worked hard to finish it immediately. We are waiting for good news from the wicr team.

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